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We are proud to offer a wide range of quality art collections that feature from naturally formed roots and rocks, traditional artisan works and literati to contemporary and multi-media artworks. 


Explore our exquisite collection of antique asian furniture from collectors depth, authenticity and quality. Our wide range of wooden furniture is of the nice quality, including Jinsi Nanmu tables and chairs, Huanghuali table, dressing case and brush pot. 

Ceramics and Textiles

Our ceramic teaware collection is a must-see for any art and tea lover. We offer a range of exquisite pieces, including the stunning Tianmu Bowl by Shao Liangyang, porcelain vases and teacups crafted by renowned artists from Taiwan and Japan. Our handpicked selection is of the highest quality and is sure to impress anyone who appreciates the beauty and functionality of fine ceramics.


In Gallery149, discover the magnificent world of Paintings and Buddhas. Our collection features paintings from renowned Chinese painters as well as an array of antique small objects. For those seeking a spiritual experience, come and delve into these exquisite pieces Buddha statues crafted from gilt-copper, bronze, lacquered wood, marble to Papier-mâché.


Alongside its collection of historical art and artifacts, Gallery 149 represents a range of high quality contemporary artists from across the region.  Some like Zheng Chongbin, Lin Hai Jung …. are already well established and represented  in major galleries and museums around the world.    Gallery 149 is also committed to fostering younger artists from Hong Kong, China and around the region.