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Gallery149 building

Gallery149 is a unique space amongst the art and antique dealers in Hong Kong's world-famous Hollywood Road. Occupying six stories in its own purpose-renovated building, GALLERY149 aims to be a place of continuum, intersection and juxtaposition where art and artifacts can find new contexts, relevance and significance.

We offers collectors depth, authenticity and quality. We are passionate about seeing beyond conventional boundaries and definitions to discover new connections - art and artisanship, design and expression, and established artists and new talent. Our exhibitions range from Asian antiques to objets d'art, installations, and contemporary paintings and sculptures.

art space

March 24 - April 23, 2024



​跨越時間、地理的緯度,如壹149不斷探索亞洲藝術文化發展過程、為收藏家們呈現具有深度、真實與高品質的體驗。如壹149 致力於超越傳統界限與定義,不斷發掘新關聯,包括藝術與手工藝、設計與表現、知名藝 術家與新秀之間的連結。如壹149 館藏豐富,從亞洲古董到工藝品,從裝置藝術到當代繪畫、雕塑,皆囊括其中。

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